Townsite Rubbish Removal Service



A contract rubbish service using 240L mobile bins is provided to Trayning, Kununoppin and Yelbeni townsite residents once a week (Mondays – bins must be in place by 6am). 

An annual charge of $200.00 per 240L bin and $90.00 per Yellow Reycling Bin is levied for this service (pensioners are entitled to a 50% rebate).  Once a year, the Shire make available two (2) days during which larger objects of refuse (eg: tree lopping, car bodies) are removed free of charge 

The collection dates are advertised well in advance.

Rules for Kerbside Recycling

What can go in your Recycle Bin...

  • Cardboard boxes & cartons - flattened 
  • Liquid Paperboard Cartons (Milk, Juice & Laundry Detergent)
  • Glass bottles and Jars - clean and empty
  • Aluminium & Steel cans - clean and empty
  • Tins & foil 
  • Newspaper, paper, magazines, telephone books, envelopes - no  shredded paper
  • Plastic bottles & containers (marked 1, 2 or 3) - clean and empty - lids off

What NOT to put in your Recycle Bin...

  • Material in bags (any recyclable material should be placed loose in the bin)
  • Plastic bags & light plastic film
  • Clothes or other textiles
  • Garden waste and food waste
  • Polystyrene
  • Gas bottles
  • Aerosols
  • Ropes, cables and garden hose pipes
  • Nappies

If in doubt, leave it out - and contact your Shire Office for more information.

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