Draft Community Consultation Policy

The Shire of Trayning wants your feedback on a draft Community Consultation Policy that the Council is considering.


Because from time to time the actions of Shire staff (or the Council) draws criticism from community members and organisations.
This criticism may be warranted or unwarranted - particularly if

    • community members and organisations are not told in advance of any intended action by the Shire, or

    • community members are not adequately informed of the facts surrounding a particular issue.

    • The draft policy is important because it should bring consistency in the way consultation is undertaken on a range of matters.

The bottom line is that better community consultation will lead to better decision making by the Council and its staff.

The more complicated an issue is, the stronger the community consultation has to be.

Where can I see the draft policy?

Copies of the Shire draft policy are available from the Shire Office and at local Post Office agencies.
Alternatively you can find a copy of the draft policy here.

When and how do I provide feedback?

Your feedback is required by Friday 31st August 1018. You can write to the Shire of Trayning at PO Box 95 Trayning WA 6488 or email the CEO's Executive Assistant, Belinda Taylor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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